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E5® Community & Economic Development

E5, our unique formula for community and economic development, provides communities with a way to proactively position themselves as regional leaders of quality community place and life. E5 provides communities with the formula for transforming themselves into being more vibrant, renewable, sustainable, and competitive in today's global society and economy. Developing and implementing strategies under each of the five areas of E5— (1) Education, (2) Entertainment, (3) Entrepreneurial, (4) Environment, and (5) Energy—creates synergy that enables cities and communities to transform themselves.

E5 methodology complements existing organizations and programs by focusing on quality of place and life issues that attract and are important to children, youth, parents, senior citizens, and active retirees. E5 methodology also addresses the needs of healthcare workers, creative workers, professional workers, government workers, small business workers, knowledge workers, business workers, industrial workers, and citizens. We utilize processes that address local environmental, leadership, and political dynamics impacting communities. E5 methodology includes over 180 areas that impact a community's ability to become competitive within the global society and economy.

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