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America is faced with having to make yet another transformation. Until recently, the rest of the world has had to adjust to the advances that America’s innovation and invention have caused. Today, the changes taking place in the world are not controlled or desired by most people in America.


Communities that are vibrant destinations for citizens, visitors and people seeking to relocate their families and businesses.

America can succeed if it chooses to focus its ability to create and innovate on itself and invent the America of the future. Low-skilled, low-paying manufacturing jobs and middle management jobs were some of the first victims of the increased global competition.  A majority of low-skilled, low-paying, and manufacturing jobs have gone to other countries and are soon to be followed by many white collar jobs. It is a national problem regardless of the area of the United States, but with a more devastating impact in rural America.

The elimination of the economic base in rural America creates a downward spiral of outward migration, small business closings, empty industrial buildings, unoccupied homes, a reduction in the tax base and government services, and a decline of quality of community life. Communities must develop a new local economy based on a new self sustaining economic model. Instead of looking to land the big industry, they must look within their own regions and identify the assets that can bring people to their area to visit and live.