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Global Learner College®

America has transitioned through the Agrarian Age, Industrial Age, Information Age, and is now struggling with the event of the Global Age which is creating a new global society and economy. The Global Learner College is designed to meet the education needs of the 21st century.

Regardless of the educational goals of a student, the Global Learner College prepares them to successfully compete in the global jobs market. A Global Learner College provides access to sustained opportunities that make a lifetime of differences for students, alumni, and communities.

Each student develops a personal culture of quality through the study and practice of the ten (10) Student Characteristics, which include internationally recognized quality techniques. The graduates of the Global Learner College collectively create a culture of quality and "Empowered Destination" within their employment and communities.

The Global Learner College must meet and sustain twenty (20) "Critical Desired Outcomes". When a college is able to sustain these outcomes it has become a Global Learner College. Transformation to a Global Learner College is systemic and must be customized. We provide change leadership to ensure that the college moves through the transformation process as smoothly.

  • Global Learner College®