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Instruction & Training

The Slater Group offers the following Instruction & Training services

Instructional Design, Development & Assessment

If you are creating a new school, college, division, department or course, you can reduce the requirements on your part and at the same time ensure that the information and processes being followed are best in practice. The Slater Group has over 25 years of experience in developing education and training programs. Our methodology is based on established industry standards of quality.

To determine if a division, program, and/or course is meeting requirements and expectations in a cost effective manner, The Slater Group has developed a Program Opportunities Monitoring and Assessment (POMA) process and procedures to assess the performance and progress towards reaching the expectations of an instructional endeavor.

Entrepreneurial Development

The entrepreneurial spirit has fueled the innovations and inventions that created America’s quality of life and made America the greatest economic engine in the world. The ability to think and act as a self-driven, innovator and risk-taking owner, regardless of position or job responsibility, is critical to making today’s organizations and communities successful.

Drive through any community and count the number of vacant spaces for businesses in retail outlets, strip malls, and other buildings, then multiply the number by 3 and that is approximately how many new entrepreneurs your community currently needs. The majority of jobs in America exist within small businesses.

Communities, governments, education, and non-profit organizations are all faced with transforming to an entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable business model. If you are transforming your community, organization, and/or creating educational and training programs we have the knowledge and experience to assist you.

Workforce Development

A major factor in the ability of communities to attract and retain businesses and industries is their capacity to provide and sustain an educated and skilled workforce. With the high dropout rates in high schools and colleges, combined with skill obsolescence created by an ever-increasing rate of advances in technology and many other factors, communities can become non-competitive in a very short time.

We have over 25 years of experience in developing and sustaining competitive workforces. We assist organizations in improving their outcomes and revenues related to training of current workers and development of new ones.

Accelerated Credentials

The Slater Group has developed the processes to ensure that every potential student has access to and a clear path toward obtaining credentials in an area of interest and need. We assess all the different components of the organization impacting student success and develop implementable solutions that eliminate barriers and enhance the awarding of credentials to full- and part-time students, as well as students who have delayed their education or have stopped out of the educational process.

Accreditation & Reaffirmation

One of the most difficult tasks within an educational organization is to keep everyone focused on the issues related to maintaining the institution’s accreditation. Without constant reinforcement and review, the chain of current events often overcomes the commitment to reaffirmation.

The Slater Group has knowledgeable and experienced educational professionals who are able to provide the leadership, editing, and oversight necessary to ensure a successful reaffirmation required by each of the regional accrediting bodies and other agencies.

Digital College—Information Technology

Connecting people and organizations with the world requires matching business strategy with technical expertise. Maximizing the benefits of information technology such as social media within the organization’s strategy will only increase in the future as the digital generation becomes older and more engaged in society.

The Slater Group can assist you in the development and implementation of a comprehensive information technology plan that enables and supports the organization’s vision and strategic and operational business plans.