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The Slater Group offers the following Management services

Business Planning

Changes to local, state, and national economies and tax bases, brought about by the global economy and society, are requiring government and non-profit organizations to become and remain sustainable. They must operate more from a business perspective than a mission or ministry perspective. Their leaders must become better skilled at operating non-profits more like for-profit organizations based on a sustainable business plan. The Slater Group has years of experience in developing strategic business plans. We can assist you in developing strategic business plans for your entire organization or any part thereof.

Foundation & Fundraising Services

For over 25 years we have been helping individuals, corporations, and grant seeking and grant awarding non-profit organizations achieve their vision of making a difference through philanthropy. We believe that philanthropy is built on relationships, joint interest, trust, and achieving shared desired outcomes. Philanthropy is about people who care sharing their capability with people who have the ability to make things happen. 

The Slater Group’s Foundation & Fundraising Services are designed to enhance the experience, relationship, and satisfaction obtained from making a difference through philanthropy. We provide comprehensive services designed to meet needs, achieve goals, and advance the organization’s philanthropic vision and mission.

Revenue Development

Today’s challenge is not how to balance the budget, but how to utilize existing resources to create additional resources and continue meeting ever-changing markets and customer needs. Where the needed funds will come from will in many cases be left for the leadership of the organization to create.

The Slater Group has developed a formula for increasing revenue and reducing expenses that addresses over 13 different revenue generating opportunities for the organization. We know the steps and how to put them together into a workable solution for your organization.

Organization Redesign & Staff Alignment

Someone once said that “it does not matter how many times you rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, the results will be the same”. However, charting a new direction and making the necessary adjustments to the organization brings it closer to its customers, makes it more efficient and more effective, ultimately changing organizational outcomes.

The Slater Group’s organizational redesign and staff alignment methodology assists organizations or business units in defining their new direction and ensuring that each position is based on adding value to the customer and the organization.

Performance Outcomes

Establishing the definition of success and performance expectations for any organization and/or business unit can be one of the most important and difficult responsibilities of a leader of an organization.  The Slater Group can assist you in defining benchmarks, performance indicators, performance measures, and performance standards to monitor progress towards success.

Total Quality Management & LEAN / Six Sigma

One of the most effective tools for creating a culture of quality in an organization and whose success has been documented in almost every industry sector is seldom used in the fields of education, governments, and non-profits. There are very few organizations that have developed a culture of quality using the internationally recognized quality tools such as Total Quality Management, LEAN Six Sigma, and others to operate. The Slater Group has developed methodologies that assist educational, governmental, and non-profit organizations' transformation to a culture of quality.  

Project Management

Our approach to project management is practical, proactive, process directed, and outcome oriented. We believe in delivering projects on time, within budget, and with clearly defined milestones and deliverables. We use the lessons learned from years of experience working with project managers, prime contractors, subcontractors, and being responsible for multi-million dollar and geographically disbursed projects to ensure that what the project owners expect is what they get.