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Safety, Security & Emergency Response

The Slater Group offers the following Safety Security & Emergency Response services

Safety & Security

Current events within the United States and throughout the world constantly remind us of the dangerous world in which we live and work. Occupational hazards, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and criminal acts by fellow employees, students, customers, and visitors are common in today’s world.  Even an unaddressed perception of an unsafe environment can cause an interruption of vital services and functions. 

Safety is a major concern and responsibility of everyone. The personal safety, health, and well being of people are of top priority and everything must be done to prevent personal injury. A threat to the health and safety of one person is also a threat to the health and survival of the organization. People who practice safety while at home, work, and play will be better students and employees and more likely to function when an emergency does occur. 

Emergency Prevention & Response

Taking steps to prepare for a disaster reassures everyone that what can be done will be done when an emergency occurs. When an emergency occurs you can proactively manage the event based on a well thought out plan or be reactive and struggle to obtain and maintain control of the crisis.

Pre-event and business continuity planning can limit the impact an emergency can have on the organization and position it for faster recovery. The emergency response plan should have redundant and alternative systems, processes and personnel to replace those that are eliminated as part of the initial or subsequent emergency event.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning puts the organization in a position to respond to interruptions or disasters when they occur. Change in personnel, loss of information, or unsafe work environments can cause very successful organizations to fail.  Business Continuity Planning bridges the gap an event or disaster creates between normal operations and the interruption or total shutdown of operations. A Business Continuity Plan should help prevent or minimize the impact of any unexpected occurrence to any part of the organization.

It has been stated that over 10,000 people retire each day. With the pending retirement of an aging workforce, Succession Planning and Business Continuity Planning can play pivotal roles in the sustainability of the organization.