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Student Services

The Slater Group offers the following Student Services

Recruitment & Retention

Many are painfully aware of the number of students who do not continue their education to receive the credentials within their area of study. Add the number of prospective students who do not make it through the financial aid and admissions maze and the number grows much higher. This means that there are a large number of citizens who are missing the opportunity for a brighter future for themselves and their families—for the rest of their lives.

The Slater Group has developed a comprehensive system for identifying, qualifying, recruiting, and retaining students until they graduate or receive their desired credential. Through very close tracking and monitoring of the journey of each person from prospect to student, to alumni, The Slater Group focuses on success one student at a time.

Student Outcomes

The two most critical desired educational outcomes for students include positioning them to continue their education and at the same time preparing them to be competitive in a global society and economy. Ensuring that the education and training students receive achieves these outcomes is the most important job of anyone and everyone in education.

The Slater Group can assist in developing student outcomes and identify the performance indicators, measures, and standards that will enable those in education to monitor and assess success.

Alumni Development

We have developed a comprehensive model for transforming students into alumni that are self-engaging and provide volunteer leadership and support for their institution. Through redefinition of the purpose of alumni and a redesign of the experiences students have during their time at the institution, alumni understand their importance to the institution and even more so to the students who follow them.

Student Leadership, Citizenship & Service

One of the most critical shortages is the lack of citizens who have the ability and willingness to stand up, step out, speak up, and provide leadership and volunteer service for their organization or community. Leaders are not born, but are developed by empowering them with knowledge, techniques, and opportunities to practice and perfect their leadership skills. We have developed a comprehensive program that develops the leadership, citizenship, and willingness to serve in each student.

Quality Collegiate Campus Life

Students who are able to participate in student organizations and are engaged in campus activities are more likely to finish their educational experience. Providing a quality collegiate campus life experience has been overlooked by most educators and administrators in the past. Taking a look at the institution and campus from the view of a student will highlight many opportunities for improving the quality of campus life for both students and employees.

We have developed a Quality Collegiate Campus Life Assessment and a model for institutions to follow in transforming the student's collegiate campus experience into one that enhances the learning experience and provides greater comfort and interest to its students and employees.