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The Slater Group offers the following Leadership services

Political Coaching

Political Coaching ensures a person can utilize the tools of influence to obtain a satisfactory result while at the same time prevent others from using their influence to impact you negatively. The broader the span of control a person has within an organization the more important are political skills and tools.

We have the ability to view a situation and develop strategies and solutions that reduce risk and exposure and deliver desired results. We provide these tools and teach you how to use them to obtain positive solutions to the challenges you are experiencing.

Visionary Leadership Coaching

Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb by re-engineering the oil lamp, candle, or wooden torch. Often only one person has the vision of what should be and it may not be the leader of the organization. Visionary leaders have the ability to either develop a vision for the future or make someone else’s vision a reality. We assist you in developing your vision and transforming the vision into reality.

Change Leadership

Making incremental changes to what exists will not produce the results needed to adjust in today’s fast and changing world. Change management has been replaced by change leadership that makes sure systemic changes are made within the time and resources allotted. Change Leadership is incorporated into each of our engagements. The Slater Group employs processes to create the changes required to reach the organization’s vision.

Visioning & Strategic Planning

An organization can have a perfect vision of the wrong direction or be doing the wrong things right and fail faster and more efficiently.  We specialize in envisioning and planning for new desired futures.

Our visioning and strategic planning methodology follows processes developed through academic research and over 25 years of practice. Our processes are vision driven, outcome directed, strategic in scope, and marketing-oriented. They are designed to be inclusive and gain knowledge, understanding and ownership throughout the community and organization.

Marketing & Positioning

Competitively positioning your organization in today’s dynamic and global society and economy is critical to its sustainability. Remaining close to current customers and positioning for future ones often require adjustments in direction, services, branding, and communicating with customers and constituents. Clarity and consistency in communicating the core benefits of your brand (through the right words and images) is an absolute imperative. We work with you in developing a desired future and market.