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Global Learner College®

America has transitioned through the Agrarian Age, Industrial Age, Information Age, and is now struggling with the event of the Global Age which is creating a new global society and economy. The Global Learner College is designed to meet the education needs of the 21st century.

Regardless of the educational goals of a student, the Global Learner College prepares them to successfully compete in the global jobs market. A Global Learner College provides access to sustained opportunities that make a lifetime of differences for students, alumni, and communities.

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Empowered Destinations®

America is faced with having to make yet another transformation. Until recently, the rest of the world has had to adjust to the advances that America’s innovation and invention have caused. Today, the changes taking place in the world are not controlled or desired by most people in America.

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E5® Community & Economic Development

E5, our unique formula for community and economic development, provides communities with a way to proactively position themselves as regional leaders of quality community place and life. E5 provides communities with the formula for transforming themselves into being more vibrant, renewable, sustainable, and competitive in today's global society and economy. Developing and implementing strategies under each of the five areas of E5— (1) Education, (2) Entertainment, (3) Entrepreneurial, (4) Environment, and (5) Energy—creates synergy that enables cities and communities to transform themselves.

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